3 Ways to Donate

We have three convenient, helpful, and easy ways for you to be environmentally friendly and recycle your gently-used household items.  Since items you donate to charity help benefit the Vietnam Veterans of America and Special Olympics Oklahoma, they are tax deductible.

Click any option below for details.

Stuff2Donate has conveniently located Donation Boxes to collect clothing throughout the Oklahoma City metro area.  Local businesses, churches, and schools support our charities by hosting Donation Boxes at their locations.  Find the nearest area location to drop off your bagged clothing donations here.
Stuff2Donate has Donation Stations throughout the metro area where you may drop off larger, boxed or bagged donations of clothing and household items, or gently used furniture.  As with any items you donate, they are tax-deductible and their sale will help raise money for our charities.

Contact Stuff2Donate if you need to schedule a pickup of larger items directly from your residence. To arrange a donation for Vietnam Veterans of America call 405-680-9111 or use our contact form. To arrange a donation for Special Olympics Oklahoma call 405-942-4224 or use our contact form.

While we gladly accept most items, please see the donation guidelines for any restrictions.

Need a tax receipt? Contact us via our contact form.

  1. Local Donation Stations for dropping off accepted items.
  2. Conveniently located Donation Boxes for clothing, etc.
  3. Schedule a pick up time for larger items
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